Supplier Development

Supplier Development Services in China

China is a manufacturing country with over 5 millions companies. A reliable manufacturer or factory both can save money and energy. Find a supplier in China is easy, however, discover the right supplier in China is not a simple thing. So, hire a third-part product sourcing services company to help you is valuable. is a manufacturing sourcing services company and product sourcing agent in China, our supplier development services can help overseas customers discover reliable manufacturer in China at low-cost.

Outsourcing to China is not without risk, poor quality, bad services, long lead time from Chinese suppliers, and even payment trap are the common points to make lots of overseas company stop importing from China. But, supplier development services provider can help you to cut these risk.

What Can We Do for You?

Our supplier development process is internationalization standard, from searching, audit, sample, quality control, trial order to mass products. We work for you to make sure we can help you discover the right supplier in China.

  • Lower importing cost;
  • Shorter leader time and on time delivery;
  • Good payment;
  • Free sample;
  • High-quality products;
  • Increase profitability for your business.

These are the motivations for the people who import products from China. Our supplier development programs will meet your goals. is not only develop supplier to you, but also help you improve the supplier to match your daily works. Reduce your suppliers’ dependence of customers is also very important.

  • Reduce the dependence.
  • Improve the service level.
  • Increase efficiency.

Why Us?

Most of companies didn’t have a standard supplier development program, they search supplier, contact them, ask for the quotation, get sample, and place purchase orders. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, but a standard supplier development programs can help you import from China at low risk. For example, a standard supplier development program requires sourcing engineer to develop a supplier with quality system.

  • Professional supplier development company;
  • International operational, service standards, and procedures;
  • Rich experiences on strategic supplier development;
  • Well-understand cost saving and cost down;
  • Small business solution provider;