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How To Quote

  1. Submit the information of product you are planning to source and try to tell us more details you know. Such as the product name, drawing or spec, the quality requirement,  the quantity of each purchase order or the forecast of annual volume, and the target price, etc.
  2. We will give you a feedback via email in 24 hours. If you can not receive our feedback in 24 hours, please check your spam inbox.
  3. Before releasing our services quotation or product quotations, engineering team will communicate with you and make sure we can understand your requirements.

Chinese Suppliers RFQNOTE:

  1. In order to satisfy the real customers with high-quality sourcing services, we request customers to pay a small amount of deposit.
  2. We will not ask for any deposit or charge before understanding your requirements and confirming we can source for you.
  3. You also can contact us via Email