10 Tips to Import Products from China

Cheap is one of the most important motivation for people to import products from China. The same product, quality standards, and selling price, but our enterprises can earn more money due to the lower ex-factory price. So, more and more factories were moved to China. And they become the importer and purchase products from Read more…

How to Buy Wholesale from China Supplier?

Buy wholesale from China supplier and sell on Amazon or eBay which is a common business model for overseas business owners. Most of importers know how to source products in China, what to import from China, and have rich experiences on finding the best products made in China. Importing from China is Read more…

How to Find Tent Manufacturers or Suppliers and Import from China?

Import tent products from real tent manufacturers in China can make more money. For example, a tent sold on Amazon or eBay is $39.9, but the price is only $9.9 when exporting from Chinese tent manufacturers, factories, and suppliers. The save quality, but different price. There are approximately 3500 companies who sell tents in China, and 20% of them are real tent factories and actual tent manufacturers. In order to get a lower price from China tent supplier, some of tent importers want to import tents from actual tent manufacturers in China. As a reliable sourcing agent in China, DiscoverSourcing.com helps lots of importers to source products from real manufacturers every year. In this article, you will learn how to find reliable tent manufacturers in China. This is the complete guide to find tent manufacturers in China.

An Introduction to China Sourcing Agent

As a country with large-scale of manufacturing and more than 1.4 billion people, China has 3 million companies and produce 8 million types of products. And with the development of E-commerce, it is easy to source products though business to business sites and search engines, people can discover everything they are Read more…

China Purchasing Agent Makes it Easy to Import Goods from China

Import from China, you can operate by yourself or hire a sourcing agent to help you. A souring agent, purchasing agent or buying agent always can offer services include but not limited to develop new suppliers and audit, RFQ and discover competitive price, ask for sample and ship to you via low-cost international express, purchase order management for lead time guarantee and project management, quality control and pre-shipment inspection, payment and after-sale servises, etc. Those sourcing services and processes are absolutely necessary if you plan to over your competitors via importing from China.