Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Outsourcing to China

Lots of aluminum alloy material can be used for aluminum pressure die casting manufacturing. But, different materials uses on different components and products. Here are some aluminum alloy material date sheet(Material testing report) for your reference. Family  Country  Type  Si Cu Mg Fe Standards AI-Si China YL102 10.0-13.0 <0.6 <0.05 <1.2 GB/T15115-94 AI-Si Japan ADC1 11.0-13.0 […]

Die casting outsourcing to China | Guide

Die casting outsourcing to China. You must do some surveys before making a decision on die casting outsourcing to China. Here is some suggestions relating to import from China from Discover Sourcing Limited who is the best manufacturing sourcing services company in China. 1, Confirm where you can die casing manufacturing suppliers. A supplier locates at coastal city […]