What To Do If You Find Products Imported From China Are Poor Quality?

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If you can find the right supplier in China, you can make big money through importing from China. However, it is not all importers are luck dogs. Products made in China get a bad press: China manufacturers produce poor quality products and export them to all over the world. Products made in China are equal to piece of junk to someone’s eyes. But people still need to do business with Chinese companies, because China suppliers can offer products at lower prices. So, you need to take actions when discovering products imported from China are poor quality. In this article, we will share some experiences related to how to handle the bad quality products made in China.

Products or services cannot reach buyer’s requirements or expectation is the definition of bad quality or poor quality. It includes but not limit to:

  • Function cannot reach requirements.
  • Dimensions are out of specs.
  • Raw material is not qualified.
  • Appearance issues.
  • Packing issues.
  • The service is bad.

There are lots of problems are able to cause bad quality. Here are some common reasons discovered by overseas customers when importing products made in China from China suppliers.

  • Technological capability: Most of China manufacturers produce products according to their experiences and didn’t hire any professional engineers, and the technical requirements are out of their ability. In that case, customer have not receive poor quality products, but that is sure to follow.
  • Quality management: Mangers or operators are lacking of quality consciousness and didn’t make any produce guide(Process Description) for manufacturing parts or products. It is a common in small workshop because they didn’t have quality management system.
  • Operate issue: Make mistake during processing but can not be found when inspecting.
  • The leak detection quality: Without any inspection before carrying to the delivery area. This is the most common reason to ship poor quality products to customers.
  • Communication problem: Supplier misunderstands your requirements.

Although, a lot of issues can cause poor quality problems but supplier still needs to supply customer the product match quality requirements, because customer already or will pay money to them. It is the commercial ethics for a businessman.

Methods for Dealing with Poor Quality Products Imported from China

If you find poor quality products after receiving goods shipped from China, please take the pictures or video before taking any actions. Please don’t try to fix or repair them if you want to put you on a reasonable place when communicating with China suppliers.

1, Communicate with China supplier for wanting a replacement

Communicate is the most effective way to solve any issue. Send the pictures or video to your supplier and tell them what you think after finding poor quality problem. In most case, China supplier can replace the products for you if the issue caused by them.

2, Ask suppliers for refunding some money but don’t return the goods

International trade is not like domestic trade, any goods imported from China must be under the eyes of China customs. Return the poor quality goods to China is high cost and complicated as well. So, you can discuss with your supplier to refund you some money as a compensation for poor quality products and you fix the products by yourself.

3, Reject the items and claim the return of goods

Just two years ago, one of my friends told me that his customer rejected some items shipped from China and shipped back to him. I told him that it is reasonable because you supplied products cannot match customers quality terms. So, if you have not paid the money to China, this is the best solutions when and finding the quality issue is critical and unacceptable. But if you choose this as the solution, it is hard to buy products from this supplier again. As fa as we know, very few of people select this method to deal with the poor quality products import from China.

4, Ask Chinese supplier for on-site repair

If your business is a big deal and the product can be repaired or fix at your company, supplier would rather arrange on-site repair than ship it back to China. This method is available to the big size machine, equipment, and device imported from China.

5, Go to court according to the contract

This is the worst case and will take a lot of time and money. No one hopes going to court if the thing is under control. Hire a lawyer will take some money. And lawsuits related to international trade are complicated because most of trade contracts stipulate the court and available laws. But, this is the last defender to handle the poor products purchased from China.

6, Advertising exposure via social websites or App

On Facebook, we often look at someone said XXX company are cheater and sell poor quality products to him or her. When finding bad quality problem, you can use this method to tell other people what you received if your supplier didn’t want to handle it. Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo are the best social platforms to highlight those irresponsibility companies.

7, Complain to the consumer association

If your business are small business, you import low volume from China and can read in Chinese, you can try to complain via consumer association when receiving poor quality products made in China. It is a website belonged to state administration for industry & Commerce of People’s Republic of China Consumer Protection Bureau.

8, Complain to the local government or embassy

This method is only available to big business and important project. And it should be the last solution when having tried all of methods you can think or discover.

No one intends to import poor quality products from China. And most of China suppliers don’t want to export bad quality products to overseas customers. If you want to import from China at lower quality risk, you can hire a third-party procurement company or sourcing agent like DiscoverSourcing.com as your sourcing partner in China. Finding a reliable supplier is the root to prevent the quality issues to happen when purchasing from China. Products inspection and payment management are the most effective methods to guarantee importing business under quality control, especially pre-shipment inspection, it can give you some assurance when purchasing from China.

Yes, we don’t like the company who supplies poor quality products either. We hoping overseas companies can discover reliable suppliers when importing from China.