Whats the Difference Between a Header and a Manifold ?

Manifold: Many to one, a manifold, in systems for moving fluids or gases is a junction of pipes or channels, typically bringing one into many or many into one.

Header: One to many, a chamber to which the ends of a number of tubes are connected so that water, steam, or gases may pass freely from one tube to the other.

Manifold Outsourcing to China: We Could Make Money Together

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Manifold sourcing in China

We help manifold sourcing in China, we have help US and Australian customers source more than 200 types manifolds, exhaust, and headers from China market. Yes, we also share the information with you. People can find 70% of the reliable manufacturing companies for header in Zhjiang province, China.

It is interesting that some small workshop provide a high price, and some customer still purchase products from them. Because customers from oversea don’t know the real story: self-employed workshop and without quality control system. 

People find supplier via Alibaba, made in China, and global sources. They are the famous B2B sites. But, do you realize that your competitor or customers also source products on those B2B sites too. That’s mean you can not get a lower price via sourcing by this method. So, you need to find other sources which your competitors are not easy to discover.

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