Who is The Best Aluminum Die Casting Companies in China?

aluminum die casting companies

Are you looking for aluminum die casting companies to process your die casting parts or components? There are so many die casting manufacturers in China. Search on google, you can find 100+ Chinese suppliers within one second. How to find a reliable manufacturer for your die casting products? As a outstanding sourcing agent services company in China, Discover Sourcing Limited guides you to find the right one.

In China, aluminum die casting companies also be called die casting manufacturers or die casting factories, in Chinese is “压铸件” or “铝压铸件”. Type those Chinese on google and you will discover lots of Chinese die casting sources. You develop die casting parts suppliers in Chinese coastal cities if you want to import die casting products from China by boat shipment, such as Shanghai city, Ningbo city, Kunshan city, Ningbo city, Yuyao city, Wenzhou city, Shenzhen city, Zhongshan city, Foshan citi and Zhuhai City, etc. 70% of Chinese die casting manufacturers are located at those cities. Here is a die casting parts supplier development guide to help customer find the best aluminum die casting companies in China.

1,  The Cost of  Aluminum Die Casting Companies.

Buy die castings from China does not like to buy Christmas gifts, instead, you need to know the cost for each parts when quoting with die castings’ supplier. You should familiar with these cost if you ever quote with a professional manufacturer. Maybe, some items are new for you, but these are quotation items from aluminum die casting company in China.

  • Building Cost;
  • Tooling Cost;
  • Labor Cost;
  • Material Cost;
  • Building Cost;
  • Equipment Cost;
  • Maintenance Cost;
  • Management Cost;
  • Shipping Cost;
  • Package Cost;
  • Processing Cost;
  • profit;
  • Tax;

Please try to analysis it after getting the quotation like that. It is easy to find the reasonable cost if you have a drawing of the product, .

2,  The Payment Term With a Die Casting Manufacturers.

The most important thing is to confirm the payment terms when purchasing from China. We know that importers don’t want to pay before receiving the goods and exporter either don’t want to ship before getting the money. Here is some payment terms related to international trade for you reference.

  • L/C (Letter of Credit): The payment charge is very high via L/C payment  term. (For example, USD200,000, payment fees starts from 300USD)
  • Bank Transfer: This is the lowest cost payment term. (Min 20USD)
  • PayPal: High payment cost. Only for small order, supplier can not receive customary drawback if you pay via this way. Another reason for China companies rejecting to use PayPal is that PayPal is not friendly to China manufacturers. (Service fees: 4.4% + 0.3USD when paying and 1.2% when exchanging from USD to CNY).

3,  Lead Time for Die Casting Machining in China.

You need to confirm the lead time with them when placing a purchase order to your supplier. But some of the suppliers told you that they can’t confirm it for you due to some reasons, such as they cannot calculate it until they was started to process. I think it is ridiculous when hearing a reason like that. So, please confirm your supplier is a reliable supplier before deciding to cooperate with them. Make sure your new supplier is a company who has manufacturing planning. According to our experience, the Lead time for die casting parts manufactured in China 5~20 days.(The lead time for die casting tooling built is 20~45 days.)

4,  China Die Casting Factory Facilities and Environment.

Get a list of die casting manufacturing equipment and quality control tools is very important if you want to verify a supplier. You can learn some information about supplier via Supplier Information Card and Supplier Self Assessment documents before visiting supplier. Hire a third party die casting supplier audit company to help you if you can’t visit and audit supplier in person.

5,  Management In a Aluminum Die Casting Company.

Please ask him to send you some company management documents if someone tells you that his company specializes in die casting manufacturing in China, such as ISO or other quality manage system, PPAP documents, and 8D reports. And also ask your supplier give you some pictures or videos related to product, production line, and workshop.

China manufacturers sourcing is a piece of cake after reading the 5 points. You can search die casting manufacturers and confirm who is the best aluminum die casting companies in China now.

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